What Volunteers Say

Quotes from Volunteers

“It’s amazing how a couple of hours a week can make someone’s day, or week”.

“Volunteering was initially started as a work placement for my degree. I stayed because I enjoyed spending time with my family.”

“[Volunteering] has given me a greater insight into the needs of families with young children. It has given me community experience.”

“I had training with home start and it was great, very informative, getting you ready for every situation. I met some lovely people on the course and the staff are very supporting. It is a very rewarding experience and I love giving back to those who require some support with their family.”

“My volunteering role with Home-Start has been work placement for my degree programme, in order to gain working experiences with vulnerable people within the community. Home-Start preparation training programme has been a great value for working with clients. I have met some great and unique volunteers during the training period who I have kept in touch with. The staff team are an awesome group of people that are transparent and helpful to volunteers. I felt privileged to be of help to a family, knowing that they look forward to my visits each week. It is very rewarding feeling to be able to help and support another person.”

“Volunteering for Home Start is very rewarding. Meeting different people from all walks of life; helping families on a temporary basis to give them a boost; giving something to your community. I would thoroughly recommend becoming a volunteer.”

Volunteer Case Study

I have been a Home-Start volunteer for a bit over a year and I feel it’s one of the best opportunities I have taken up.

The reason I decided to do volunteer work, was that I had a lot of spare time in the week after I brought my son to his nursery. I also wanted to gain some work experience, so when I was ready to go back to work I would have some background knowledge of working as a support worker or a career in care work.

I feel I have managed to gain a lot of experience with working on a 1:1 basis with a family and in a team. I have realised now that because of working with others I have gained a lot of confidence, which has also helped a lot in my personal life.

Being able to support and help others when they are going through times of hardship and vulnerable situations in their lives, is very rewarding as you’re making a difference with the families.

Volunteering for Home-Start Croydon has been very flexible, so I’ve been able to work around taking my own children to school and as I only do 2-3 hours each week of volunteer work, it is really great.

I would recommend volunteering for Home-Start; the staff are very friendly and helpful. The process from applying to be a volunteer to actually starting did not take long.

So try to take up this opportunity as it may lead to other avenues in your life.