Home Visiting Service

Home-Start Croydon supports families with at least one child under school age and living in the borough of Croydon.

How can you get support from Home-Start Croydon?

It is easy to get support:

  • You can ask your health visitor or any other professional you are involved with to make a referral for support on your behalf.

Why families use Home-Start.

Families find themselves needing support for many different reasons which include:

  • feeling isolated
  • problems coping with their own or their child’s physical or mental health needs
  • feeling insecure about their own parenting skills and abilities
  • struggling to cope with family life, managing the household budget or the day to day running of the household
  • needing someone to talk to about their stresses and difficulties

How Home-Start Croydon can help.

The home visiting service uses trained volunteers with parenting experience to visit families in their homes once a week for 2-3 hours for up to 9 months. They can provide:

  • emotional support, someone to talk to
  • help to get out and about, to children’s centres, medical appointments etc
  • support with parenting skills, meal planning, budgeting etc
  • help to access and use other services

You don’t have to pay for Home-Start’s help and it’s confidential.

You have the right to stop support whenever you want we will only be there if you want us to be.