Stella meets the Duchess of Cambridge

On Friday 12th June our AMAZING Parent Champion volunteer and Community Builder, Stella, was invited to join a Zoom call with The Royal Foundation and the Duchess of Cambridge to discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on families. The call was organised by Coram who oversee the Parent Champions programme across the UK; they specifically chose Stella to join this meeting to give our perspective of the difficulties being faced by families now and the build-up of hidden issues that will need dealing with in the future. Quite by chance, Peter Grigg, H-S UK CEO, was also involved in the meeting, along with the CEO’s of a number of child-related charities.

Apart from the importance of the topics discussed, this was also a fantastic opportunity for us to get our voice heard and our name known to a prestigious and influential audience.

You’ll all be mightily pleased to know that Stella invited the Duchess to tea and she said she would come at some time.