Home-Start Croydon is part of a network of independent charities that come under the Home-Start umbrella guided by Home-Start UK.

History of Home Start

The first Home-Start scheme was established in 1973 by Margaret Harrison in Leicester. While working as a voluntary worker in the then Children’s Dept of the City of Leicester Margaret developed a growing belief that, as well as volunteers supporting individual children, the families of these children required intense help. This conviction was heightened by her experience working as a volunteer in a local school, when she set up a number of voluntary playgroups, and when she helped at a Family Service Unit in the city. Her discussions with professional workers in health, education and social work convinced her that this new approach was needed. With the support of the Council for Voluntary Service in Leicester Margaret drew up a plan to start a new scheme, funded with an urban aid grant. She also won a Churchill Fellowship and used it to visit the United States, to see for herself some of the intervention projects spawned by Head Start.

There is currently over 300 local independent schemes nationwide. For further information on Home-Start UK please visit http://www.home-start.org.uk

Or for further information on Home-Start internationally please visit http://homestartworldwide.org

History of Home-Start Croydon

Established in Croydon in 1989, Home-Start is a voluntary organisation committed to promoting the welfare of families with at least one child under the age of five.

The scheme was set up by a steering committee of local interested parties, instigated by members from the Croydon Guild (now Croydon Voluntary Action) and a grant from Opportunities for Volunteering. They employed their first organiser in April 1989, shortly followed by an administrator.

Since then the scheme as grown from strength to strength growing and adapting to meet the ever changing needs from families in the borough taking on and trailing many innovative projects that complement our core work along the way.